It’s an easy adjustment.

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What our patients say…

may 2019

“I have known Dr. Allen Deprey since he came to town many years ago and count him as a good friend. Several years ago I become a regular client and go to him twice a month. At 92 years old, I have the problem of arthritis - in my neck, lower spine, hips, etc. and find that Dr. Deprey’s adjustments are very helpful. I am not an easy patient because I cannot lie down on the table, but have to sit up. Dr. Deprey has been able to cope with my problem though I know it is not easy for him. With his help, I look forward to many good years ahead.”

– Betty


What to expect

Is this your first visit to a chiropractor? Dr. Deprey uses a combination of chiropractic techniques and therapies to provide the best care for you.